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The Conception - It was November 1984 at the 70th Anniversary Ball of the Hawthorn City Pipe Band, when during the evening half a dozen or so old members from the 1940s to the 1960s period decided it was time to form a club for the purpose of retaining and renewing past and present friendships.

In February 1985 the founders had a week end away on the banks of the Murray River at Echuca, where preparations were made, a constitution prepared and an inaugural meeting arranged and our baby was given a name, THE CABER FEIDH CLUB.

The name is steeped in history, as the club is born of the Hawthorn City Pipe Band who wear the MacKenzie kilt and crest. This crest displays the Deer's Antlers, or translated into Gaelic- Caber Feidh.

Our Club badge is the Caber Feidh resting on variegated holy leaves, the variegated holy being the distinguishing flora worn in the bonnet of the MacKenzie Clan in the 12th century , before the days of crests

All the necessary arrangements were made an inaugural meeting was held in may 1985 and in seven months from conception our club was born.