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Hawthorn City Pipe Band


The Caber Feidh Club Collection

The music in this collection was either written by, or dedicated to, a member of
The Caber Feidh Club and/or The Hawthorn City Pipe Band.
First printed December 1996. Second Printing January 1997. Third printing July 1998.



The compiler of this collection of Highland Bagpipe Music, Piper R.S. (Bob) Smith B.E.M., is not a piper of outstanding ability, but a piper of outstanding enthusiasm and dedication, sometimes not found in pipers of superior ability. His dedication to both The Hawthorn City Pipe Band (active for close to fifty years) and in later years to The Caber Feidh Club, is, to say the least, unparalleled. His enthusiasm for this project was catching and he sparked very positive co-operation from composers and honoured members alike, but none more so than Pipe Major Ian Matheson, who was his right-hand man. They made an excellent combination, giving freely of their time and knowledge. As a result, we have this wonderful collection of Highland Bagpipe Music, which does, I am sure, fulfill the aim of the venture, "To bring back memories and give pleasure to the members of The Caber Feidh Club and The Hawthorn City Pipe Band.

Frank J. Sertori. President. The Caber Feidh Club.


Written permission has been given to The Caber Feidh Club for the publication of these tunes, however, "COPYRIGHT" remains with the individual composers.